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Welcome to our website!


We are honored to introduce you our Sim Racing League.


Let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Nora, I am an entrepreneur and like my husband Christophe, a Sim Racer. We are located in France.


What is Seven Stars Fast?

We are a Sim Racing League who is focused into realism and realistic experience of a real life race.


What are the goals?

We want to push the realism of Sim Racing at 100% in order to have it true of life.

We propose a simulation of either a driver's career, an engineer career or a coach career and more.

While you are being part of the league, we help you to rediscover the Sim Racing environment in a realistic manner and as a strong community by caring each other.

We know the investment needed that Sim Racing represent, we will then provide some prices for the big championships and, for the Top 5, gains per race.

Also, we have a major objective which is to create a real private team for the future.


What is our roles?

My role, as a director, is to manage the league and ensure that all of you respect the guideline of our Sim Racing League, while communicating together, I take the biggest decisions in the end.

Chris's role as the co-founder is to redirect the informations from the community to myself. He also provide very high knowledge into racing and of course he is racing.


Where does it happen?

You can find us weekly live streaming into our Twitch channel for now. If you are interested to join our Sim Racing adventure, you can visit our forum and eventually enter the league. As well, we have our social media that you can check to keep you updated.


You want to know more about us and our history? If so, we recommend you to read some articles from our blog and get more details.


We believe in Sim Racing as an opportunity to get involved to every aspect of a real practice of racing with seriousness, competition, performance and fun too.

We appreciate your support and we hope that you believe in us as we believe in you and having a great experience of Sim Racing together!


Nora & Chris from Seven Stars Fast

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