How to start in Simracing?

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How to start in Simracing?

Firstly, you'll have to know what means "Simracing". It' a 2 word combination: Simulation and Racing. So, Simracing is a Racing Simulation.

It is required, to enjoy it to the most, to have a device called "Racing steering wheel" or "Racing wheel". Preferably with Force Feedback (I'll get to it later).

So, as I was saying, a steering wheel is required to enjoy it to the most due to the nature of the coding in Simracing games.

Indeed, it's not like you would easily control the car with a keyboard like you would do in Arcade games like Need For Speed, for example. Simracing games are, like you would expect from the name, replicating real physics from real life into the game. And those games are pretty complicated at first glance. But by the time you play with it, you'll start to understand more of the game and its physics and then, you'll start to get better and better. Just like you drive a car for the very first time and when you pass your driver's license. It's hard at the beginning, but later on, you finally understand and you can progress more and more.

Secondly, you'll have to know what are the games that gets in the Simracing category.


There are some very good and some less good, but they all fall into that range:

-rFactor (plus variants like Automobilista)

-rFactor 2 -RaceRoom Racing Experience



-Race 07 + GTR Evolution

-Assetto Corsa


-Project CARS 2


Those are most present on PC, but some of those are present on consoles with a slightly different physics construction(to make it handle better with a gamepad).

Thirdly, let's talk Steering wheels. You have many manufacturers of steering wheels, but only 2 of them are accessible and easily findable in stores: Logitech and Thrustmaster.

Those are very good entry level brands of steering wheels with Force Feedback.

Above those, you have Fanatec. Very expensive brand based on Germany and mostly findable on the web.

Even above those, you have some even more expensive wheels and pedals:


Some pedals brands:





Some steering wheel brands:

-Open Sim Wheel (OSW)



-Leo Bodnar



The prices with all of these brands combined varies between 80€(occasion) and more than 5000€ (due to the quality of the wheel base). Indeed, those can be expensive as hell, but you have to know that some of those wheels can reproduce the forces of the steering wheel of a real racing car at a 1:1 ratio on the PC wheel. It will be exactly like you're driving a car that goes up to +300Km/h with massive downforce that pushes the wheels on the ground.

Also, take note that some real race drivers uses those wheels called Direct Drive in a training manner between races and championships.

As you can see, we don't have very much of sim racing gear but we can still practice correctly. You can manage your own gear as well depending on your budget.

Chris from Seven Stars Fast

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